Game Aviator and Covid-19 Pandemic

It is pointless to deny that the prolonged coronavirus pandemic has changed the world.
Closed borders, long-term quarantine and prolonged self-isolation primarily affected the entertainment sector, as many of the usual ways of leisure, such as going to exhibitions, concerts and cinemas, were not available. The leading roles were occupied by entertainment that did not require a person to be personally present, for example, online games.

One of these games, which gained dizzying popularity during the pandemic, was the Aviator crash game, deservedly called gambling entertainment of the new generation. The game, created in 2019, has won an army of fans and is presented in almost every online casino.

This is partly due to the simple and straightforward gameplay, which does not require a long study of the rules, and large potential winnings. The essence of the game is simple – the player needs to press the stop button in time and stop the plane from flying before it happens automatically. In case of success, the player will receive a win equal to the bet multiplied by the prize multiplier at which the game was stopped. In case of failure, the bet will be burned.

Despite the enormous popularity of the slot, there is not much information about Aviator on the Internet. One of the most complete and detailed sites about the game was the site AviatorGame. It provides not only information about the rules of the game, but also contains instructions on how to download Aviator to your smartphone. In addition, the authors of the site emphasize the most winning strategies and tactics of playing Aviator.

Gradually, the pandemic is fading into the past, and the terrible disease becomes part of history. However, the world has been transformed and will not return to its former state. Contactless delivery, non-cash payment methods and a whole cohort of new online entertainments have become part of the usual life, the most striking of which was the Aviator game for real money.